Tips for yttrium oxide use


What is yttrium oxide? Must have a lot of children will feel very confused, you can baidu oh, xiaobian introduce its main use 1, used to make a variety of ceramics, optical glass, phosphors, laser materials and refractory materials, as carbon monoxide and hydrogen synthesis of ethane catalyst; 3. It is mainly used for the production of composite oxides such as single crystal, yttrium iron garnet, yttrium aluminum neodymium garnet, etc. These composite oxides can be used as magnetic materials for microwave and important materials for military communication engineering due to their high frequency performance. 4, used as white heat gas lamp shade, color TV phosphors, magnetic material additives, also used in the atomic energy industry. 5. Widely used in a variety of fluorescent materials, high quality refractory materials, artificial gem laser crystals, superconducting materials and many applications in the electronics industry. 6. It can be used as an optical glass additive to make high-temperature transparent glass, ceramic material additive, rare earth phosphors for X-ray sensitizing screen, high brightness phosphors for large-screen TV and other picture tube coatings. 7. In addition, it is used for the manufacture of film capacitors and special refractory materials, as well as bubble magnetic field materials for high-pressure mercury lamps, lasers, storage elements, etc. If you still want to know more small knowledge, welcome to visit our website!