Application directions of nano - yttrium oxide and nano - dysprosium oxide


Nano yttrium oxide (Y2O3)

The main USES of nano yttrium oxide are: 1, iron and steel and non-ferrous alloy additives. FeCr alloys typically contain 0.5% to 4% nm yttrium oxide, which enhances the oxidation resistance and ductility of these stainless steels. After adding an appropriate amount of nano-rich yttrium oxide mixed rare earth to MB26 alloy, the comprehensive performance of the alloy was improved significantly, which could replace some of the medium-strong aluminum alloy to be used in aircraft stress components. A small amount of nano-yttrium oxide rare earth was added to al-zr alloy to improve the conductivity of the alloy. The alloy has been used in most electric wire plants in China. Adding nano yttrium oxide to copper alloy improves the conductivity and mechanical strength. 2. Silicon nitride ceramic material containing nano yttrium oxide (6%) and aluminum (2%) can be used to develop engine components. 3. A 400-watt nanometer neodymium oxide aluminum garnet laser beam is used to drill, cut and weld large components. 4. The electron microscope phosphor screen composed of y-al garnet single chip has high fluorescence brightness, low absorption of scattered light, good resistance to high temperature and mechanical wear. 5, containing up to 90% of the nano-yttrium oxide yttrium structure alloy, can be used in aviation and other occasions requiring low density and high melting point. 6. The high nano-yttrium oxide high-temperature proton conduction material containing up to 90% nano-yttrium oxide is of great significance to the production of fuel cell, electrolytic cell and gas-sensitive element requiring high hydrogen solubility. In addition, nano-yttrium oxide is also used in high temperature resistant spraying materials, nuclear reactor fuel thinner, permanent magnet material additives and in the electronics industry as an getter.

Nano dysprosium oxide (Dy2O3)

Nano dysprosium oxide is the most main use: 1, nano dysprosium oxide as an activator phosphors, trivalent nano dysprosium oxide is a kind of promising single active ion luminescence center tricolor luminous material, it is mainly composed of two emission band, a yellow light emission, another for blue light emission, nano dysprosium oxide doped luminescence materials can be used as tricolor phosphors. 2. Nanometer dysprosium oxide is a necessary metal raw material for the preparation of Terfenol alloy with large magnetostrictive alloy. 3. Nanometer dysprosium oxide metal can be used as magneto-optical storage material, with high recording speed and reading sensitivity. 4. Used for the preparation of nano-dysprosium oxide lamps. The working material used in nano-dysprosium oxide lamps is nano-dysprosium oxide. 5. Nanometer dysprosium oxide is used to determine the neutron energy spectrum or as a neutron absorber in the atomic energy industry due to its characteristics of large neutron capture cross section area.