Application direction of nano - praseodymium oxide and nano - neodymium oxide


Nano praseodymium oxide (Pr6O11)

The main USES of nano-praseodymium oxide are as follows: 1. It is widely used in architectural ceramics and household ceramics. It is mixed with ceramic glaze to make color glaze, and can also be used as underglaze pigment alone. 2. Used for making permanent magnets, widely used in all kinds of electronic devices and motors. 3. Used for oil catalytic cracking, which can improve the catalytic activity, selectivity and stability. 4. Nano praseodymium oxide can also be used for abrasive polishing. 5. Nano-praseodymium oxide has been widely used in optical fiber field.

Nano-sized neodymium oxide (Nd2O3)

Nanometer neodymium oxide has been a hot topic in the market for many years due to its unique position in the field of rare earth. Nano - sized neodymium oxide is used in non - ferrous materials. Adding 1.5-2.5% nano-sized neodymium oxide to magnesium or aluminum alloy can improve the high temperature performance, air tightness and corrosion resistance of the alloy. Nano-yttrium aluminum oxide garnet doped with nano-neodymium oxide produces short-wave laser beam, which is widely used in industry for welding and cutting of thin materials with thickness of less than 10mm. In the medical field, the nano-yttrium aluminum garnet laser doped with nanometer neodymium oxide is used instead of the scalpel to remove the surgery or disinfect the wound. Nano-sized neodymium oxide is also used for colouring glass and ceramic materials as well as rubber products and additives.