The application direction of nano lanthanum oxide and nano cerium oxide


Nano lanthanum oxide (La2O3)

Nanometer lanthanum oxide is applied to piezoelectric materials, electrothermal materials, thermoelectric materials, magnetoresistive materials, luminescent materials (blue powder) hydrogen storage materials, optical glass, laser materials, various alloy materials, to prepare catalysts for organic chemical products, neutralizing automobile exhaust catalysts, light conversion agricultural films.

Nano cerium oxide (CeO2)

The main USES of nano cerium oxide are: 1, nano cerium oxide as a glass additive, can absorb ultraviolet and infrared ray, has been used in automotive glass. Not only can prevent ultraviolet ray, still can reduce inside car temperature, thereby saving air conditioning to use electricity. 2. Nano cerium oxide applied to automobile exhaust gas purification catalyst can effectively prevent a large number of automobile exhaust gas from being discharged into the air. 3. Nano cerium oxide has been widely used in polishing materials. 4, nano cerium oxide can also be applied to hydrogen storage materials, thermoelectric materials, nano cerium oxide tungsten electrodes, ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramics, nano cerium carbide abrasive, fuel cell raw materials, gasoline catalysts, some permanent magnet materials, various alloy steels and non-ferrous metals.